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Soil Murmurs

CLEA RSKY Gallery in Coxsackie, NY 

2022 Photos by Ben Salesse

We, The

Performance @ The Jewish Museum 2021

The Periodic Table of 
Black Revolutionaries

Artist talk @ the Urban Academy High School 2022

Below is a video from my first year show at Columbia University recorded by Merry Sun. It features the Periodic Table of Black Revolutionaries which highlights powerful Black women who have shaped the world. The LEDs also coincides with weather data of each person birth place, updating in real time every 3 minutes. This code comes from METAR maps that pilots utilize to determine if they can fly.

The Books

The books are electronic instruments that make sounds when you touch any of the 4 sensors. You are a conductor therefore you can close the circuit. I have built 20 of these instruments so that we can start thinking about new pathways to literacy. What if we could just touch a book, or hear a book and understand what it means. What is comprehension?

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